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The Scenic Park Kyu-Furukawa Gardens
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  Flower Recommend Event
Spring Cherry blossom (Prunus)(Late March to Early April), Azalea(Rhododendron)(Mid-April to Late April), Fringed iris(Iris japonica)(Mid-April to Early May), Peonie(Paeonia)(Late April to Early May), Bottle brush(Callistemon speciosus)(Mid-May to Late May), Rose(Rosa)(Mid-May to Mid-June)   Rose Festival
Summer Iris(Iris ensata)(Mid-June)    
Autumn Spider lilies(Lycoris radiata)(Mid-September to Late September), Rose(Rosa)(Mid-October to Late November), Sasanqua(Camellia sasanqua)(Late October to Late November), Japanese maple(Acer palmatum)and Idesia polycarpa(Idesia polycarpa)maxim, Japanese wax tree(Rhus succedanea)leaves(Mid-November to Early December)   Rose Festival
Winter Japanese apricot (Prunus mume)(Mid-February to Mid-March), Camellia(Camellia japonica)(Late February to Early April)    
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